Welcome to the
Vagabond Lab

Travel. Learn. Inspire.

Welcome to the
Vagabond Lab

Travel. Learn. Inspire.

Who we are

We are a diverse community of travelers, explorers, hikers, artists, sisters, brothers, wanderers, mothers, fathers, and humans all united by the passion to experience the world.

What We Do

Our dream is to inspire people to chase the dreams they have been afraid to chase by showcaseing the incredible people around the world who have thrown conformity to the wind and decided to live life by their own rules. 

How We Work

We post stories submitted to us by vagabonds around the world. If you or anybody you know would like to share their story, contribute to the research vault, or contribute an article to the blog, let us know!

About us

What is a Vagabond?

Vagabonds are squeezing the juice out of life everyday. Vagabonds are living every day to the fullest. Vagabonds are living in new cultures. Vagabonds are learning new languages. Vagabonds are experiencing the world. Vagabonds are non-conformists. Vagabonds are dream-chasers. Vagabonds follow their passions. Vagabonds are diverse in their motivations and lifestyles. Here at Vagabond Lab we give these people the opportunity to tell their story with the hope that others will be inspired to create their own path.

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The Vagablog

Sharing unique perspectives, thought-provoking facts, and tales from the road.

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