What is Vagabond Lab?

Vagabond Lab is a community of travelers who share their experiences, learn from and inspire others, collaborate on new projects, and participate in ongoing research. It is a space for those who have not yet found the opportunity to travel to learn about the lifestyle of vagabonds currently traversing the globe. We intend help the world understand how to make independent travel as meaningful as possible without a savings account. We strongly believe that independent travel is the best way to open your mind, to understand the world, and to reinforce faith in humanity. And we love adventures.

Vagabond Lab incorporates an all-encompassing travel blog, science-based research on traveling, and unique projects/adventures being carried out by travelers. If you have travel data, a research report, would like to write a blog post, or are participating in an art / building / community / language / environmental / etc. project that you’d like featured in the Vagabond Lab, please contact us!

Core Values


Live Free

Vagabonding is the epitome of freedom. We live in a world divided by borders where many people are conditioned to believe that success means working their lives away. We believe that a successful life is a free life. Freedom can be achieved by stepping across those borders and transcending that mentality, opening oneself to a world full of opportunities and experiences.

Experience > Material

As vagabonds, we value a minimalist lifestyle – consuming only what we need but experiencing everything that we can. On our death beds we’d rather remember what we did in life than the things we bought. Let’s reduce our impact on the environment and increase our impact on humanity. A new shirt may last several months, but a new skill will last a lifetime.

Push your boundaries

Vagabonding isn’t about living a routine lifestyle. It’s about going new places, learning new skills, speaking new languages, eating new foods, understanding new perspectives. With this mentality, what’s challenging today will be easier tomorrow. By pushing the boundaries of your comfort zone, you become more able to experience life to its fullest.

Pay it forward

Vagabonds experience hospitality at its best, quite often receiving free rides, meals, and beds. Vagabonding isn’t just about taking what people give, though, it’s also about giving to others. Teaching languages, playing music, gifting handmade crafts, telling stories, and volunteering acquired skills are great ways to jump start the circle of hospitality. Those who give shall also receive.

Meet the Lab Rats

Vagabond Lab is the brainchild of three modern day nomads who chose the path less traveled after completing their higher education. Rather than following their peers into high paying 80-hour-per-week jobs, the trio rejected the status quo and seized the opportunity to see the world while they’re young, inquisitive, free from familial responsibility, and comfortable sleeping on floors for weeks on end.

Taylor Beckwith-Ferguson

The adrenaline junky

Taylor has been centered around the Eurasian continent for a few years, spending winters as a freelance ski instructor and summers kite surfing and hiking. He travels almost exclusively by thumb; over 50,000 km and counting. Taylor considers life one big adventure and enjoys extreme sports, doing long division in his head while waiting for rides, petting stray dogs, pitching his tent on top of snowy mountains, and eating anything placed in front of him. His vagabondage spawned from a chemistry lab internship in Germany, where he enjoyed exploring Europe on weekends far more than pouring chemicals into test tubes at 8am.

Kyle Roland

Night bus enthusiast

Kyle is currently wandering through Eastern Europe after stints in Western Europe, Africa, Asia, and South America. He travels to stay curious, fascinated, in love with the present moment. A California native, Kyle is a burrito enthusiast, an ocean lover, and a part-time flower picker. He pairs these favorites with a side of romantic meta-philosophy and an aged Cabernet.

Matt Karkut

Multilingual mountaineer

An avid high-altitude adventurer, Matt has climbed peaks and trekked in the Alps, Pyrenees, Balkans, Himalayas, and Andes as well as ranges in the western U.S., his home territory. He speaks Spanish, French, and German and loves linguistic immersion in his travel experiences, whether debating the best jamón in Spain, discussing brewing techniques in Germany, or spending a month road-tripping through Patagonia in a 1991 Toyota camper with a friend from French Guyana. Memorable moments: being taken out to lunch by ex-military Kosovars in Albania, camping next to the 3rd largest ice field in the world in Argentina, and getting rabies shots in India.


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