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Matthew Schroeder

Hailing from Cape Town, South Africa, Matthew’s travels have taken him from the summits of Patagonia to the Hindu monasteries of India to the backyard distilleries of Georgia. Throughout the last decade, he has truly mastered the art of shoestring travel to the summits of the world’s most extreme mountain ranges. His blog, Adventures at the World’s Edge, combines his passions for adventure, travel, humanitarianism, anthropology, and writing. When not at work as a cross-cultural field instructor or volunteering at various NGOs, he can usually be found on steep, snowy slopes with ice axes in hand. Adventures at the World’s Edge, as well as Matthew’s many articles on Niume, cover everything from philosophical musings from long solo hikes to inspirational mountaineering stories. 

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Coming of age in the andes
Chapter 6: Peru
Mururaju (5,688m)

It was two hours drive up along a gravel road to the remote village of Carpa before we began our trek into the stunning Raria valley in the southern Cordillera Blanca. No guides. No porters. No fancy equipment. Tent. Stove. Rope. Ice axes. Into the wild. Apline style.

From Carpa we hiked along a soft moss-padded valley floor for several kilometres. Mururaju was irrepressible to our left, jutting out above a massive glacier…a magnificent pyramid purveying the pristine landscape. We were the only ones on the route, adding to the authenticity and remoteness of the adventure.

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