An extraterrestrial hitchhiking experience on Earth

Dama and Fred (aka Lefty and Righty)


Fred and Dama are not your average vagabonds – in fact, they don’t even come from our planet! In their blog Escape to Earth, the duo take the form of two aliens who left their mundane jobs on Planet O for a vagabond adventure across the Eurasian continent. Lefty and Righty arrive on Earth with the intention to treat all Earthlings with the utmost friendliness and see where the road takes them. The genius combination of eye-opening travel experiences and creative alien interactions are told from an extraterrestrial perspective. This gives the reader a well-rounded understanding of the real life experience of hitchhiking from Western Europe to East Asia, while at the same time holding the reader’s attention with entertaining semi-fictional creative liberties. As the blog is written from an outsider’s perspective, travelers and non-travelers alike will find it easier to relate to. Escape to Earth includes stories from the road, observations on human society and behavior, a Creaturarium (gallery of drawings from the road), and Surveilance Records (photography from the road). 

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Where do all the weirdos go?

After their packs had clambered out of the hole and reattached onto their backs they were ready to return to the highway rest stop. Arriving there, they were once again confronted with the swirling mayhem of human means of transportation. Remembering the advice [their previous driver] had given them, they looked for a sign. Suddenly Lefty’s antenna’s began to tickle with delight; it looked down to find an odoriferous old pizza carton below its foot and used its black eye-liquid to smear ‘Nord’ on it. They walked to the end of the rest stop to engage with the bypassing metallic creatures and to their surprise there was another entity standing there, sticking its thumb out.

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