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Nomadic Matt is one of our favorite travel bloggers in the world. One of the best! He offers tons of advice and inspiration for those who want to travel for the first time, tips on how to save on accommodation and transportation, and how to handle life on the road. For the aspiring traveler who wants to live a free life full of adventure, but still enjoys a relative level of comfort on the road, Nomadic Matt is your go-to resource. He also offers courses on how to make money while on the road, and even started a non-profit to help underprivileged students travel abroad!  

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Reader story: How Angela travels the world as an Au Pair

One of the biggest challenges for people is saving up for a world trip. It can be daunting trying to save thousands of dollars for your next big trip. Yet I always say “If you can’t save, go work.” The world has an abundance of jobs that travelers can get. Millions of travelers fund their trips by working their way around the world. Today, I want to profile one of our community members who does just that. Angela works as an au pair. This funds her round the world travel dreams, let’s her stay in a place longer, and get to know a culture better. Today we share her story and tips for being an au pair.

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